Practice kindness

To my readers.

While giving advice, stay kind & understanding especially when one doesn’t act like you advised. We all share the passion to succeed, however some lessons are learnt only by experience.

While seeking and receiving advice, keep in mind that whatever comes after make sure you get your lesson. Good or bad, remember some lessons are learnt only by experience.

Thank you!

Cultivate self-awareness

You can believe in people or things you want but you can’t trust what/who you know nothing about. Contrary to believe, trust goes with some research and knowledge.Invest in your knowledge and cutivate self-awareness. Learn your weaknesses and strengths.Please push through your self-doubt to get where your heart leads. Learn to trust your instinct. Listen to your gut feelings. Change your approach, you may need a rest, but never give up.

Have self-trust


Work should serve you not enslave you

Before we end 2016, let me remind you of something. Work should serve you instead of enslaving you especially in this new year 2017.

Recently, I posted about My brother’s golden advice of 2016 of working hard and celebrating life. I kept reflecting to his words and they gave me daily courage and determination that I have started enjoying the fruits.

Some people spend more time working and they forget to enjoy life. Others, enjoy life and forget working hard. Some others wait to get lots of harvests before joining others and it is hard to catch up after a long wait.

His advice reminded me of what we locally call “Umuganura” ( a First-Fruits Festival) Umuganura is traditional day celebrated usually early August since the pre-colonial times in my country Rwanda.

There is a reason why this day is celebrated on what is considered pre-harvesting time in Rwanda. In my opinion, it is a great reminder that we should be grateful even to small things that happens in our life and getting together as often as possible.

That’s how us young people would be able to receive such important advices, directives, and blessings from friends and family to keep going forward. Work hard but never allow your job to enslave you.

Welcome 2017!


When I started this blog I was thinking that I am a good writer and that my posts were about to attract many readers. This morning I saw  the SELF PROMOTE: SHARE YOUR LINK  I realized that I haven’t yet promoted myself to help others and reach many readers. That’s why I decided to do a self promotion and help other bloggers as well.

Here we go, as Okoto Enigma stated:

First of all, if you reblog this post you help me, I help you and you help your readers, so everyone wins.

I’ve stopped “Share your Link Friday“; but I said I would continue “share your link” posts so everyone can self promote their blog and share a link to whatever they want us to read. I encourage everyone to share their blog’s link in the comment section so other bloggers can read it; thereby creating a friendly community.

This is a good opportunity for you to get new readers, followers, and also drive traffic to your site. If you want to get your blog out there, this is a great way to start. So, leave your blog’s url, or a link to your new/best post in the comment section for everyone to read. I’m also looking forward to reading new posts and connecting with different bloggers. Don’t forget to add https:// or www. to your url; it’s important. My Christmas gift to everyone😛.Enjoy!😀 Don’t forget to reblog and share so other bloggers can get involved. The more the merrier! 

Embrace the successful lady in you (for young ladies)

Dear young ladies,

This morning when I opened my facebook account I couldn’t miss to notice the above selfie of Miss Rwanda 2009 (the one in a hat) and Miss Rwanda 2016 (in blue). You may have experienced a similar moment when a simple post on social media catches your whole attention.

As I scrolled down, I learnt that these two beauties just met in the Maryland, USA at the finals of Miss World competitions. The current Miss was in the competition (made it to top 24 finalists…YAY) and the other Miss was just there cheering for her fellow Miss.

This picture made me think of you and your beautiful dreams young ladies. I am not going tell you about these ladies story of success.

Here I just want to share with you three tips shared by ALL SUCCESSFUL LADIES to help you on your own path to success:

  1. They value friendship and networking

Little sister, to be successful prioritize networking and cherish your friends. It will open many doors for you.

    2. They have fear but keep a positive attitude

Little sister, you too your efforts should surpass your apologies. Keep a positive attitude and explore all possibilities. You will get far.

  3. They look their best and are socially responsible

Dear little sister, successful women strive to shine to help others shine too. It is going to be a curvy path but you’ve got my back.