My brother’s simple advice of 2016

While we were extremely happy celebrating the festivities as a family, after lots of speeches, my coolest and hustler brother came up with a simple but very important advice. “We should always remember two things in the new year. WORKING HARD and CELEBRATING LIFE go hand in hand to build a stronger family and community”. He added that let’s enjoy today and go back to work tomorrow. The next time we meet I will bring my harvests and you will bring yours and we shall enjoy more. Don’t just focus on one thing and forget another, both are so important. Such a great reminder at the right time by the right person with an incredible combination of qualities. I know I may be biased but this was a good advice to carry into the new year.

Wishing you all to enjoy the festivities and lots of harvests in the 2017 to get more celebrations πŸ™‚

Why you should trust yourself

β€œThe person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so you better try to make yourself as interesting as possible.” Unknown

I love this quote so much. It reminds me why I have to love myself daily and take a good care of myself. I’m not an expert in dating but if I was asked to give a life lesson I learnt through dating I would say: “date someone who trust you, date someone you can trust, and if the trust is gone you better move on the ealiest possible“. I learnt it the hard way but it has helped me a lot.

The question here is, would you really like to date yourself? If yes, congratulations. If no, it is time to break up with the old you. Luckly we are about to start a new year 2017. It is time to make yourself the most interesting person you would like to meet.


A note to my future-self.

Every question that exists in this world has its answer.

Every Problem (However big or small) has a solution.

Every challenge brings you an opportunity.

Every opportunity brings another opportunity.

Every post has a reader πŸ™‚ . (Even if it’s only the writer)

Every story has an ending. (You can’t control it)

Every song (Long, short etc) has a dancer.

Worry not (less), and enjoy life.

Do your best, and have Faith πŸ™‚