Work should serve you not enslave you

Before we end 2016, let me remind you of something. Work should serve you instead of enslaving you especially in this new year 2017.

Recently, I posted about My brother’s golden advice of 2016 of working hard and celebrating life. I kept reflecting to his words and they gave me daily courage and determination that I have started enjoying the fruits.

Some people spend more time working and they forget to enjoy life. Others, enjoy life and forget working hard. Some others wait to get lots of harvests before joining others and it is hard to catch up after a long wait.

His advice reminded me of what we locally call “Umuganura” ( a First-Fruits Festival) Umuganura is traditional day celebrated usually early August since the pre-colonial times in my country Rwanda.

There is a reason why this day is celebrated on what is considered pre-harvesting time in Rwanda. In my opinion, it is a great reminder that we should be grateful even to small things that happens in our life and getting together as often as possible.

That’s how us young people would be able to receive such important advices, directives, and blessings from friends and family to keep going forward. Work hard but never allow your job to enslave you.

Welcome 2017!


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