My brother’s simple advice of 2016

While we were extremely happy celebrating the festivities as a family, after lots of speeches, my coolest and hustler brother came up with a simple but very important advice. “We should always remember two things in the new year. WORKING HARD and CELEBRATING LIFE go hand in hand to build a stronger family and community”. He added that let’s enjoy today and go back to work tomorrow. The next time we meet I will bring my harvests and you will bring yours and we shall enjoy more. Don’t just focus on one thing and forget another, both are so important. Such a great reminder at the right time by the right person with an incredible combination of qualities. I know I may be biased but this was a good advice to carry into the new year.

Wishing you all to enjoy the festivities and lots of harvests in the 2017 to get more celebrations πŸ™‚


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