When I started this blog I was thinking that I am a good writer and that my posts were about to attract many readers. This morning I saw  the SELF PROMOTE: SHARE YOUR LINK  I realized that I haven’t yet promoted myself to help others and reach many readers. That’s why I decided to do a self promotion and help other bloggers as well.

Here we go, as Okoto Enigma stated:

First of all, if you reblog this post you help me, I help you and you help your readers, so everyone wins.

I’ve stopped “Share your Link Friday“; but I said I would continue “share your link” posts so everyone can self promote their blog and share a link to whatever they want us to read. I encourage everyone to share their blog’s link in the comment section so other bloggers can read it; thereby creating a friendly community.

This is a good opportunity for you to get new readers, followers, and also drive traffic to your site. If you want to get your blog out there, this is a great way to start. So, leave your blog’s url, or a link to your new/best post in the comment section for everyone to read. I’m also looking forward to reading new posts and connecting with different bloggers. Don’t forget to add https:// or www. to your url; it’s important. My Christmas gift to everyone😛.Enjoy!😀 Don’t forget to reblog and share so other bloggers can get involved. The more the merrier! 



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