Embrace the successful lady in you (for young ladies)

Dear young ladies,

This morning when I opened my facebook account I couldn’t miss to notice the above selfie of Miss Rwanda 2009 (the one in a hat) and Miss Rwanda 2016 (in blue). You may have experienced a similar moment when a simple post on social media catches your whole attention.

As I scrolled down, I learnt that these two beauties just met in the Maryland, USA at the finals of Miss World competitions. The current Miss was in the competition (made it to top 24 finalists…YAY) and the other Miss was just there cheering for her fellow Miss.

This picture made me think of you and your beautiful dreams young ladies. I am not going tell you about these ladies story of success.

Here I just want to share with you three tips shared by ALL SUCCESSFUL LADIES to help you on your own path to success:

  1. They value friendship and networking

Little sister, to be successful prioritize networking and cherish your friends. It will open many doors for you.

    2. They have fear but keep a positive attitude

Little sister, you too your efforts should surpass your apologies. Keep a positive attitude and explore all possibilities. You will get far.

  3. They look their best and are socially responsible

Dear little sister, successful women strive to shine to help others shine too. It is going to be a curvy path but you’ve got my back.


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