Let’s think about a child in Aleppo!

I was 4 years old when the genocide against the tutsi orphaned me. My young sister who was about to turn one year got killed. She didn’t get a chance to have goals and experience the happiness of realizing them. The genocide stole her dreams.

They say, girls need their mothers the most at a young age to become successful adults. I didn’t get that chance. This is a shared sad feeling to many of my generation in Rwanda.

Another child in Syria is in a similar (or worse) situation. Just like it happened to me, another child is losing her parent, sibling, aunt, cousin, grandparents, etc. Another innocent childhood is being destroyed.

Regardless of the reasons behind nobody especially an innocent person as a child doesn’t deserve such injustice. Every life matters.

It shouldn’t had happened in #Rwanda, and it shouldn’t have to happen again to another child in Syria or anywhere else.

I am crying for Aleppo children and I am crying for Aleppo people. I am very saddened and I am raising my voice. Save Aleppo. Protect Aleppo.

In Rwanda, the killings were stopped by Rwandans themselves, I don’t know about Syria. I just wish this to stop right now. Please God, send your protectors to Aleppo.


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