The 2016 Cycling tour of Rwanda

Some people when they hear about Rwanda, they only think about the Genocide against the Tutsi or Hotel Rwanda. Two decades ago things changed. The next time you need a safe, clean, fast growing economy, role model country in gender equality, place for entertainment, think about Rwanda. Well, I am not just here to talk about the resiliance of my country, it may be another topic in the future. I am just here sharing the current exciting event. The happening now moment, if you got what I mean.

If you really consider yourself a lover of the nature and beauty, or if you happen to be a cyclist, you too may consider coming to the cycling tour of Rwanda next year. While my good friends were planning to go watch and cheer for the team Rwanda, I was just sitting here and questioning their motivation. Not because I am not a good fan of team Rwanda but even watching the cycling tour is not my type of hobby. I am not really a fan of this sport and don’t even ride. I fear bicycles ‘au fait’ but this year tournament really got me. Nobody would believe it nange I just found myself writing about it. It just happened!


When everybody is there excited watching the Cycling tour of Rwanda #TourDuRwanda2016 I am just admiring the natural wonders of the #1000 hills of our #Rwanda Karongi-Rusizi circuit in these pictures. Have you seen this elsewhere? Isn’t beautiful? Really breathtaking! Photo Credits:Plaisir Muzogeye

To give you a brief story behind, this year cycling tour is scheduled from 13-20th November, 2016.

…., over 85 riders will grace this year’s edition and eight national teams including Algeria, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa are expected to compete for glory. Six professional teams are also expected; among them are four European-based sides like Bike Aid (Germany), Team Loup Sport (Switzerland), Global Cycling Team (Netherlands) and Haute-Savoie Rhone-Alpes (France). Source from the newtimes

I was mesmerized by the beauty of this sport, and these views really?!!… are worth sharing.


I have been to this place before (Kibuye, lake Kivu) however for sure when I came across this, it just left me speechless! May be I should consider cycling as my next career! just need a coach lol #KivuLake #WesternProvince #Rwanda #TDRwanda  Photo Credits:Plaisir Muzogeye

I just can’t wait for the next annual tour. Someone tell the organizers, next time count me in. For more photo follow


5 thoughts on “The 2016 Cycling tour of Rwanda

  1. This look super exciting.
    I actually was talking about Rwanda yesterday with one of my classes as we were talking about a music artist called Stromae – whose parent was from Rwanda. Kids did not know where Rwanda was in Africa.
    You have some good pictures on here

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